Basic Pistol Class

Want to be a better shooter?

Tactix Effective Marksmanship Fundamentals courses follow a simple & easily repeatable experience focusing on economy of movement.

Course Openings

  • Sunday, Oct 1, 2023 – Contact the Store to Reserve Your Spot Today!

Course Outline

Develop confidence and skills with the safe & efficient use of your semi auto pistol.

Learn to maximize efficiency when manipulating the firearm which in turn improves accuracy and the overall learning and shooting experience.

Shooting Fundamentals

  • Proper Grip
  • Sight Alignment, Picture and Acquisition
  • Stance
  • Trigger Control
  • Recoil Mitigation
  • Safe Holster Draw and Return
  • Presentation to Target
  • Low/High Ready
  • Admin, Slide Lock & Tac Mag change

Shooting Drills

Various static position shooting drills reinforce the Shooting Fundamentals and commit them to muscle memory.

  • Cost: $275.00
  • Certificate & Patch awarded upon completion
  • Waiver to be signed prior to class
  • Firearm Rentals Available