Triggers and Bows offers additional services like ultra-sonic firearms cleaning as well as gun and bow repairs. Sales associates are trained to provide maintenance and repairs that will get you get back in the field faster. If your firearm or bow needs maintenance, don’t hesitate to bring it in during regular store hours.

Gun Repairs

If you think something is wrong with your firearm, bring it in and have our trained staff look it over. Small repairs are done here, but for more complicated tasks, your firearm will be sent to a local certified gunsmith.

The Gun Counter offers the following services:

  • Scope mounts
  • Ultra-sonic deep cleaning
  • Stock replacement or repair

For further information on gun repairs, call 519-449-1001.

Learn More about Ultra-Sonic Cleaning

Bow Repairs

Anthony, our bow repair technician, has 40 years of experience repairing bows of all types. He has completed archery repair certifications through manufacturers on how to properly maintain and repair their products.

The Archery Department offers the following services:

  • Bow and crossbow repairs
  • Bow tune-ups and re-stringing
  • Arrow re-fletching and cutting

For questions about bow repairs, call 519-449-1001 (ext 14) or e-mail [email protected]