Ultra-Sonic Cleaning

Cost  *$40

Ultra-sonic cleaning and oiling is a great way to clean the dirtiest of firearms. Its perfect for long guns that have been out in the field or to ensure your range gun gets a good deep clean to deal with carbon or copper build-up.

Our Ultra-Sonic cleaning tank deep cleans your firearm using a heated heavy-duty detergent and ultrasonic waves. It cleans down to the microscopic level.

This thorough cleaning process removes dirt, rust, grime, and residue from those hard to reach internal components. It can safely remove years of build-up in a single cleaning.

The sonic bath is followed by a special lubrication bath that ensures that all the moving parts of your firearm are properly coated for optimal protection.

Our trained staff will disassemble your firearm, prepare it for its bath, wipe it down and reassemble it afterward for you. All you need to do is bring it in!

Bring your guns in at any time, and let us do the tedious work of cleaning them!

*Firearms with seized parts may incur additional charges for labour during disassembly.