Meet the Team

Ross Landsborough


Ross started Landsborough Auctions in November 1970, and has spent the last 48 years selling at every imaginable type of auction sale from firearms and real estate to specialty and car auctions. An avid hunter wo enjoys shooting alongside his sons, Dave and Gary, Ross now hosts four firearm auctions a year in addition to smaller, monthly auctions held online.

Triggers and Bows is a product of these firearm auctions and the ranges were built to better serve our customers and give them a clean, comfortable place to enjoy firearms and archery sports.

Although Ross says he semi-retired, there isn’t a day that goes by where he isn’t in the store for some period of time.

David Landsborough


An avid gun enthusiast, Dave likes to hunt and shoot skeet. Even after the thousands of guns that have come and gone throughout out auctions over the years, he still gets excited when something rare or old comes in. Raising his sons, Matthew and Andrew, to enjoy the outdoors and shooting sports, Dave continues to express his dedication about safety and wildlife preservation in everything he does.

Julie Landsborough


Julie’s background in business is banking, therefore the bookkeeping seemed to come her way right from the start in 1968. Julie was raised in a very British home where guns were not allowed. During the early years of the business, Julie took the required courses and tucked away the unsettling feeling that came with her upbringing. Julie now enjoys shooting her handguns on the range and has had two successful hunts in Africa. One of her favourite conversations is with folks who have a fear of firearms, as she once did, and then helping them to learn the sport and become comfortable on the range.

Gary Landsborough


Gary is an avid hunter and target shooter, probably spending more time than most shooting. Teaching his son, Dylan, about gun safety at an early age, both Gary and Dylan are as devoted to safety and wildlife preservation as Dave, Matt and Andrew. When he’s not shooting, Gary loves to inspect the incoming guns for the auctions.

Andrew Landsborough

Archery Associate

Keeping with the family tradition, Andrew enjoys firearms and archery. In fact, he could often be seen behind the archery counter over the past several years and coaching the “Intro to Archery” course to kids on the range. He is currently attending college in Toronto. Although studying takes up a lot of his time, he can still be found working with the kids throughout the summer and helping out behind the gun and archery counters.

Renee D.

Range Officer & Course Co-ordinator

Renee joined the Triggers and Bows team in April 2015, as a Range Officer. With an excellent knowledge of range and firearm safety, she teaches our Range Safety Courses, in addition to arranging all other courses.

Craig R.

Firearms Associate & Range Officer

Joining the Triggers and Bows team in March 2015, Craig is another Range Officer. A busy man on the range, Craig also teaches the Range Safety Courses to our members. When he is not on the range, he can usually be found at the gun counter helping customers.

Mervyn H.

Range Officer

Merv joined Renee and Craig as a Triggers and Bows Range Officer in March 2016. Also a previous member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Merv spent time as a Police Officer. He is very experienced with all types of firearms and enjoys working with people who are learning about firearms for the first time.

Anthony D.

Archery Associate

Anthony joined the Triggers and Bows team in October 2012, and has achieved his goal of working full-time in the sport of archery. A book of knowledge on bow hunting, Anthony is an expert with all types of bows. He even appeared on “Brotherhood of the Hunt” on Wild TV.

Steve M.

Firearms Associate

Joining the Triggers and Bows team in November 2011, Steve’s knowledge of firearms, ammunition and reloading is quite amazing. We often to refer to him as the encyclopedia. In addition to helping out with repairs, Steve is also often called into the Landsborough Auctions office where his knowledge is put to good use.

Cindy B.

Office Administration

Cindy first came to Triggers and Bows to fill a temporary office administration position. She soon became a full-time member of the team. In addition to her office duties of Human Resources and Safety, Cindy is responsible for the clothing and displays you see around the store.