Buck Bomb The Predator Bomb Fox Urine

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With the Predator Bomb Fox Urine, you’re equipped with pure, fresh fox urine that’s both a potent attractant and a powerful cover scent.
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UPC: 021291710980
Brand: Buck Bomb

Coyotes are known to hate foxes and the Predator Bomb Fox Urine will both trigger an aggressive reaction in coyotes and reduce the chance of your own scent tainting the downwind side of your calling location.

The simple convenience of Predator Bomb Fox Urine means the end of fumbling with messy screw-top bottles of attractant scent.

Spray short bursts of Fox Urine around your decoy and remote caller, or combine it with Predator Bomb Coyote Urine or Rabbit Urine to confuse the noses of wary predators. Alternately, lock down the valve and empty the contents of the can all at once to unleash a potent cloud of scent that can travel in excess of a quarter mile on a 3 mph breeze. The atomized scent sticks to everything it contacts, creating a natural scent trail right to your location.

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