4 Turkey Hunting Mistakes

Autumn is here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. What better way to prepare for the holiday than by hunting for that turkey dinner yourself? If you’re planning on getting out there and hunting for your own Thanksgiving dinner this year, be sure to avoid these costly mistakes.

1. Choosing weak setups

How you setup for a turkey hunt can actually be more important than your calling skills. Some turkey hunters merely flop down anywhere close to the tom and begin their calling sequence without much consideration or thought about their setup. On occasion, this technique may work, however, how many times have you heard about a gobbler hanging up just out of gun range? If you want to avoid experiencing that saying, then you need to develop an intimate knowledge of the turkey’s stomping ground through scouting efforts in the preseason.

2. Failing to blend in with surroundings

Many turkeys become educated each season by hunters failing to blend in with their surroundings. A turkey’s eyes are equivalent to a deer’s nose and serve as their main line of defense. To avoid getting busted, try to setup with your back against trees wider than your shoulders. Disappear into the darker shadows and stay out of areas that are well lit by the sun.

3. Overcalling

Overcalling is probably the number one crime committed by turkey hunters. The easiest and quickest way to tell a turkey where you are is by being a jabber mouth with your calls. We all enjoy hearing a tom pound our ears with ground-shaking gobbles and it’s this addiction that often generates errors. These mistakes are usually associated with volume and the intervals between calling sequences. It is easy for even experienced hunters to get caught up in the moment and overkill their calling.

4. Misjudging the distance

During both spring and fall hunting seasons, the woods are relatively open without much cover. The lack of foliage and greenery allows sound to carry greater distances. Under these circumstances, many hunters setup farther away from gobblers than they initially think. The trick is to learn how to accurately gauge the distance and setup accordingly.

Learn from the mistakes of other hunters and avoid the above common slip-ups when it comes to hunting down that delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on turkey hunting, or need some new decoys and other gear, be sure to visit our hunting goods store located at 340 Bishopsgate Road in Burford, located close to Brantford, Simcoe and Woodstock. Happy Thanksgiving!

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