Wild Turkey Season Contest

Whats better than bagging that giant tom from 40 yards?

Getting paid for it!

Enter our Turkey Seasonal Hunting Contest, and you could win one of two $50 Gift Cards every week… plus be entered into our draw for one of two $250 Gift Cards when the season ends!


How it works:

  • Submit a photo of your turkey, along with a photo of its tag to receive 1 Entry into the Weekly Draw for a $50 Gift Card.
  • Optional: Include a Photo of the length of the beard and spurs, as well as the weight of the bird. These do not increase your chances, they are merely for bragging rights.
  • Receive an additional entry for every $50 spent on Turkey Merchandise in store and online.
  • Every entry into the weekly draw = an entry into the Grand Prize Draw.
  • Gift Cards can be used on the website as well as in store when the store is allowed to re-open to the public.


How Do I Submit my Turkey?


Include any images of your turkey you wish, as well as the photo of your tag (as proof of legal harvest… which will NOT be displayed online), and any info about the turkey you would like for your bragging rights! We can’t wait to see your birds!



One Entry per Tag submitted. Tag photos will be used for submission verification purposes ONLY. If submissions are found to be the property of another individual or illegally harvested, the submitter forfeits all rights to prizes. Contest runs from April 25th, to May 31st, 2021. Weekly Draws occur and the winners will be announced on the Tuesday following the contest week. Grand Prize draw will occur on June 1st, 2021. Winners will be announced the same day.