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How do I train my dog to hunt?

As a man’s best friend who wouldn’t want to take their most loyal buddy along for their next hunting expedition? Taking your dog along for the hunt is one of the most fulfilling options out there for a hunter to really bond with their furry friend. Not only can a dog provide pleasant company during a long day of hunting, but a well-trained hunting dog can actually help you track different types of animals, scare them into the open, and even retrieve them after you’ve landed an accurate shot. We have put together a few training exercises, benchmarks and accessories that can be purchased at your local hunting goods store, to get you started on turning your dog into your hunting buddy. 1. Basic training It’s important that you take the introductory steps that every [...]

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Gun range etiquette 101

Just like everything else in life, practicing good gun range etiquette isn’t just good manners, it’s good sense! Whether you just bought your first pistol or you’re an experienced shooter who has been a member for years, shooting at the gun range can be a good time as long as the range rules don’t get broken. Unfortunately, there are plenty of stories out there about poor shooting range conduct mostly due to lack of education and lack of practice of proper techniques. We’re here to help you avoid being an unsafe and disruptive shooter at the range. Yes, we all know “that person.” Following and practicing good range etiquette, whether at an indoor or outdoor range, is always the way to go. It only takes one bad apple to reflect poorly on all responsible firearm [...]

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Gun protection accessories

When shooting any firearm, whether at the gun range or while hunting, proper vision and hearing protection is always necessary. As we’ve always said, safety always starts with ensuring the proper handling of your firearms, but it also includes protecting yourself from potential accidents. Let’s take a look at some things you need to know about eye and ear protection for your next trip to the range or hunting fields. Why do I need eye protection? We know the bullets are going the other way, but we also know that ricochets, unburned powder spray, and even muzzle flash can all cause damage to your eyes. And everyone knows that accidents happen more often than we may think while shooting. Safety glasses offer an element of protection that is an absolute must. The best shooting glasses [...]

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Bullseye! Tips for buying a bow and arrow

We have seen a remarkable increase in the interest of archery here at Triggers and Bows. From guys and gals who are looking to join family or friends on their next hunt to the parents who have daughters dragging them to “The Hunger Games” or “Brave,” it’s no wonder the sport is growing at a significant rate. However, when it comes to buying your first bow and arrow there are a lot of questions you have to ask yourself. Lucky for you, we’ve outlined those questions below and answered them so that you can get back to hitting that bullseye! Should I shoot traditional or compound? First, let’s clarify the two types of bows. A traditional bow refers to a longbow or a recurve which are bows that have no wheels or pulleys. They are [...]

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Aim for the heart

If your Valentine isn’t into mushy flowers and chocolates, get them a gift they will truly appreciate this year. These five Valentine’s Day hunting goods are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. What better way to celebrate than with the activity you both love? 1. A dozen arrows Roses can be pricey this time of year and they end up wilting away within a week. This year, think about swapping out a dozen roses for a dozen arrows. They are certain to bring enjoyment to you and your significant other for many days to come. Our 12-pack of Gold Tip 2’ Hunter Raptor Arrows provide the versatility to meet the demands of every level and challenge you may encounter. Providing speed, strength, and stability, thanks to Gold Tip’s 100% carbon technology, the Hunters have become the [...]

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