Archery Safety 101

No matter what kind of archery you shoot, there are some basic safety principles that can help ensure you and your friends always have a great time at the Triggers and Bows archery range. Before Shooting Before an archer actually starts shooting there are a number of safety precautions they should take, including: Checking equipment for damage Keep clothing and jewellery out of the string’s way Make sure the range is clear It’s a good idea to check bow strings for signs of fraying and looking for cracks or warped wood in the limbs or riser of your bow. On arrows, feel the fletches to make sure they are attached and, using screw-in points, test the points to make sure they are screwed in tightly. Replace any plastic nocks that have cracks. While Shooting Obviously, [...]

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Anatomy Of A Bow And Arrow

An archer is not an archer without his bow and you cannot shoot a bow without an arrow. In order to progress as an athlete, every archer must learn their equipment including the basic parts that make a bow and arrow. Our archery experts here at Triggers and Bows have put together this useful guide to help you become a better archer by learning all about the parts of a bow and arrow. Parts of a Bow Let’s start with the anatomy of a bow, which includes four basic parts. The Riser The riser is the centre piece of the bow that the upper and lower limb attach to. This can be made of a composite or wood and has three main features: the grip, sight window and arrow rest. The grip is the curved [...]

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Archery Bonding With Your Dad

Father’s Day is a special moment for all of the families out there as it is a day to celebrate what we share with the man who has always been there for us. Teaching us right from wrong, what the love of shooting our first arrow is like, and how to shoot for the stars and dream of what we can achieve. And what better way to celebrate this special day than spending some time shooting bows and arrows with your old man at Triggers and Bows at our state-of-the-art archery range? Here are just a few ways you can bond with your dad while participating in archery. 1. Life lessons There are times in life where parents get the chance to really teach their children what they want them to learn in life. Archery [...]

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7 tips to improve your archery accuracy

With spring in the air, many of us are dusting off our bows, grabbing a handful of arrows, and heading out to the range. For some of you, archery may just be a fun way to get back outside and enjoy the return of the sunshine. For others, however, you may view springtime as an opportunity to improve your accuracy. Before you get out to the range and start practicing, review these seven tips on how to improve your archery accuracy. 1. Test your anchor points The point at which the bow is pulled back prior to firing is known as your anchor point. Consistency and precision here are both very important. If you’re just getting started in archery, you’ll want to experiment with your anchor points until you find the position that works the [...]

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Bows and arrows and life lessons

Archery is a skill that can take a lifetime to master. But its biggest lesson is also the simplest: by pulling back the bow, you learn how to let go. What was once a means to provide food and protection for families, is now a favourite pastime for all ages. And as a low-impact and lifetime interest, this is one pastime that can teach valuable lessons while providing entertainment. Besides the fun of sending arrows downrange into a target, archery can also be used as a teaching tool. Providing life lessons, archery is far more than just ownership of a bow and arrow. 1. Teaches Discipline For those who are involved in archery, they understand it is a series of precise movements learned by discipline. This sport teaches this valuable life lesson by demanding proper [...]

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Bullseye! Tips for buying a bow and arrow

We have seen a remarkable increase in the interest of archery here at Triggers and Bows. From guys and gals who are looking to join family or friends on their next hunt to the parents who have daughters dragging them to “The Hunger Games” or “Brave,” it’s no wonder the sport is growing at a significant rate. However, when it comes to buying your first bow and arrow there are a lot of questions you have to ask yourself. Lucky for you, we’ve outlined those questions below and answered them so that you can get back to hitting that bullseye! Should I shoot traditional or compound? First, let’s clarify the two types of bows. A traditional bow refers to a longbow or a recurve which are bows that have no wheels or pulleys. They are [...]

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Aim for the heart

If your Valentine isn’t into mushy flowers and chocolates, get them a gift they will truly appreciate this year. These five Valentine’s Day hunting goods are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. What better way to celebrate than with the activity you both love? 1. A dozen arrows Roses can be pricey this time of year and they end up wilting away within a week. This year, think about swapping out a dozen roses for a dozen arrows. They are certain to bring enjoyment to you and your significant other for many days to come. Our 12-pack of Gold Tip 2’ Hunter Raptor Arrows provide the versatility to meet the demands of every level and challenge you may encounter. Providing speed, strength, and stability, thanks to Gold Tip’s 100% carbon technology, the Hunters have become the [...]

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