How to properly clean your gun

Cleaning and maintaining your firearms preserves their functionality and value while keeping them safe and accurate. The effort and attention you put into cleaning your guns will pay off in peace of mind that they will do what you need them to do. Good maintenance and cleaning habits help you get to know your gun better and have more confidence in its performance at the range. For a basic fundamental firearm cleaning, follow these five quick steps: 1. Unload the gun We may be stating the obvious but before cleaning any gun, make sure it is unloaded. From there, read the owner’s manual for specific instructions on your gun model. Remove any clips or magazines as well. Remove the bolt from the firearm and brush with solvent, clean it, dry it off and then lightly [...]

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7 Gun cleaning essentials

You want your gun to remain a reliable machine right? Well, it won’t stay that way unless you keep it properly maintained which includes cleaning it on a regular basis. While the actual cleaning of your gun is a fairly simple chore, it definitely helps when you use the right equipment. Here’s a quick rundown of the items you need to clean your firearm, whether it’s a handgun, rifle or shotgun. 1. Cleaning Rod It’s important to remember that using a cleaning rod can actually damage the barrel of your gun if it’s not used correctly. The slightest ding on the crown can impact the accuracy of a rifle or handgun. This is why you should try to use a cleaning rod made of a material that is softer than the steel of the barrel [...]

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What important items should be in your gun range bag?

Having a great day at the gun range starts with having your range bag packed correctly with all of the items you need to create a successful shooting experience. Being as prepared and as comfortable as possible will save you time and money and keep you from disturbing others on the range. Covering the bare essentials, we have broken down exactly what you need to be safe, prepared and ready to have fun at the gun range. Range Bag A successful trip to the shooting range all starts with your bag. Be sure to purchase a bag that can carry plenty of ammunition, your firearm(s), hearing and eyewear protection, and a snack or two. Different bags meet different needs and each will vary in size, the number of compartments, and the number of firearms it [...]

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