10 Hunting Goods Every Good Hunter Needs

While it isn’t deer hunting season right now, your preparation should start now. In order to succeed as a hunter, you need to be as prepared as possible with the proper hunting goods. Often overlooked, a look into your gear and actual hunting preparation can make or break your next hunting adventure. Here are 10 hunting goods that every good hunter should have packed in their bags for a successful trip.

1. Water and snacks

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Yet, you wouldn’t believe the number of hunters that have to cut their trips short because they forgot these simple items. If you’re really thinking ahead, try packing a hydration pack or a quiet water bottle, not a noisy plastic bottle. It also never hurts to have a little power bar to help you punch out an extra hour or two.

2. Rain Cover

When it comes to hunting, being high and dry is the goal. Some of the best days in the whitetail woods are in a little rain. While you watch the other hunters start packing it in, you can put out your tree stand umbrella or rain cover to keep you and your gear dry.

3. Binoculars

Another hunting essential that seems obvious to pack but can often be forgotten. Binoculars are definitely an item you want in your hunting pack. They can be useful for identifying bucks or determining whether or not that odd looking log is really a log or a deer.

4. Gear Rope

Nothing is worse than getting to your tree stand on a cold November day and realizing you forgot the rope to haul your gear up. Be sure to always pack a 20-25-foot rope to avoid this situation.

5. Hand Saw

There’s always that one annoying limb on our tree stand. Putting a small hand saw in your pack will always come in handy.

6. Hand Warmers

As much as we hate to admit it, we all need hand warmers on those hunts that take place in November and on. As far as items you should have in your hunting packs go, anything that will help you be more successful and keep you out in the field or on your stand longer is a must and hand warmers are one of those tools.

7. Toilet Paper

What can we say about this one? Nature calls!

8. Deer Calls

We know they can be tempting to overuse which is why some hunters choose to leave them out of their hunting bags but nothing beats being able to grunt, rattle or snort-wheeze a buck into range. Having calls is better than not having in them.

9. Mobile Battery Pack

This is one hunting good that is probably not in at least 80-90% of hunter’s packs when a mobile battery pack could make a significant difference. It can keep your phone charged, charge your camera gear, and even be incorporated into a heating system for your jacket in some cases!

10. Extra Clothes

We know they take up quite a bit of room but an extra hoodie or hat can help to keep you out in the woods for that extra hour or two. As you prepare for the next hunting season, create a checklist. Bring that list to Brantford's local hunting goods store, Triggers and Bows, and we will get you everything you need to be as prepared as possible, setting you up for a successful hunt.