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How to gut and clean a fish

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining brighter, and that means the fish are out and about, ready for you to catch them. Picture this: it’s the perfect summer day, you have all of your fishing gear ready, you hook your bait, cast your line and you catch a big one! So now what? While some like to participate in the popular catch and release routine, others fish and hook to cook. Before you get to grilling that juicy fish, first you need to gut and clean it and we’re here to teach you how in just four easy steps. Before you get started on gutting your fish, you will want to find a flat surface. If you’re in the house this is easy since you can just use the countertop and cover [...]

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Where to shoot a deer

Any good hunter will tell you how important it is to respect your prey and a key part of that respect is to try and kill it as quickly and humanely as possible. Basically, to kill an animal with a single shot is the goal of every responsible hunter. Whether you’re shooting a rifle or a bow, many of us were taught to aim for the heart and lungs when hunting deer, but should we be aiming somewhere else? Let’s look at five primary targets that hunters use to take down a deer. 1. The Brain When well executed, a shot to the brain will drop a deer instantly. Losing consciousness and experiencing no pain, a bullet through the brain disrupts all life functions. A favored gun shot among professionals, a brain shot has little [...]

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How to properly clean your gun

Cleaning and maintaining your firearms preserves their functionality and value while keeping them safe and accurate. The effort and attention you put into cleaning your guns will pay off in peace of mind that they will do what you need them to do. Good maintenance and cleaning habits help you get to know your gun better and have more confidence in its performance at the range. For a basic fundamental firearm cleaning, follow these five quick steps: 1. Unload the gun We may be stating the obvious but before cleaning any gun, make sure it is unloaded. From there, read the owner’s manual for specific instructions on your gun model. Remove any clips or magazines as well. Remove the bolt from the firearm and brush with solvent, clean it, dry it off and then lightly [...]

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