Smart Tactical Smartwatches

A watch has almost always been considered a status symbol by men across the globe for decades. The selection processes involved can sometimes prove to be endless considering all the news trends that pop up as well as the everchanging functionality of watches. Among these changing functionalities, a variety of tactical smartwatches have been developed and grown to be quite popular for both men and women.

So how do you know which tactical smartwatch is the smartest for you? Let’s drill down on how they are constructed as well as what features and functions are available to you so that you can pick the best one that will fit all your needs. Here are the top qualities to keep in mind when shopping for your next tactical smartwatch:

1. Movement

Most watches have three common movements: quartz, mechanical and smart movements. With quartz movements, quartz crystals are used to develop the watches which use precise frequency vibrations when energy from the battery is applied to the watch. Mechanical parts are used to develop mechanical movements. A mainspring, which can be wound automatically through wrist movements or using a crown, transmits energy and gradually moves the minute hand.

Tactical smartwatches on the other hand are accustomed to employing the use of smart movements. Movements in these types of watches are developed using computer chips and have the ability to imitate the movements of either mechanical or quartz movement. It’s really the bread and butter of the smartwatch revolution.

2. Straps

The straps on outdoor or tactical watches should almost always either be polyurethane, latex or rubber. Leather straps, which absorb body liquids such as sweat, as well as metal bands which can get scratched pretty easily, don’t usually work so well in rugged, hot and wet outdoor environments. A nylon or canvas strap are more common straps when it comes to tactical smartwatches.

When it comes to choosing a strap, you may want to consider choosing a manufacturer that offers several options. Both alternative and replacement straps are facilitated more easily with the type of manufacturers you pick.

3. Durability

Arguably, one of the most important things high-quality tactical smartwatches need to be is durable. That’s often times the reason why most people opt for this type of timepiece. Most people purchasing a military-style smartwatch expect something that can last them a considerable amount of time.

Your everyday regular wear and tear can bring almost anything down to its knees. It’s a kind of thing that’s unavoidable and should be a fact that’s accepted by everyone. Regular smartwatches weren’t designed nor built to handle this wear and tear that occurs daily. Fortunately for you, the tactical smartwatch is!

4. Casing

The casing of most timepieces can range from precious materials like platinum and gold to titanium and stainless steel. The best material for tactical smartwatches is matte finished titanium, stainless steel or polymers that have been glass infused. These are the most appropriate cases for outdoor activities and environments.

5. Illumination-Lume

Illumination on smartwatches is often times initiated by the pushing of a button or by using a specific wrist movement. Battery power or energy is then used to illuminate the face of the watch. On mechanical watches, this illumination is commonly known as lume and classified as follows:

Tritium – this is the paint that is radioactive isotope. Tritium’s radioactivity is comprised of Beta components which lack the ability to escape through glass.

Super-LumiNova – this non-radioactive and safe material still requires a light source charge if you want to illuminate the watch. It essentially absorbs this energy and then proceeds to slowly discharge the energy in the form of light.

6. Battery Life

Most smartwatches come with around 10 – 24 hours of battery life. For many, that isn’t actually that great. It means you’ll probably have to charge it every day. Fortunately, there are some tactical watches that can operate for up to thirty months on one charge. Yes, we said it – 30 MONTHS! When considering this type of smartwatch, look for products with a long battery lifespan.

If you intend on spending a considerable amount on a tactical smartwatch (and you probably should), you want to make sure that every penny counts. Ensure that you get something that’s totally worth it and not one that leaves you feeling unsatisfied. Take your timepiece style to the next level with a tactical smartwatch. You won’t regret it! Get started on your smartwatch search today at your local hunting goods store, Triggers and Bows.