Wild Turkey Contest Week 2

Wild Turkey Contest Week 2

  [caption id="attachment_2806" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Wild Turkey Triggers and Bows Week two Winner Winner of week 2 of the Wild Turkey Contest[/caption]

Contest Updates:

What a season! This spring has been cold with some crazy temperature swings, but despite the bad weather, you've kept bringing in your birds! Warmer weather is coming although the rain and clouds look like they may be hanging around until the weekend. We hope the weather won't deter you from going out and getting your birds! One of our favourite entries this week was the hunter who brought in the coyote he killed just 20 minutes before he bagged his turkey. He wasn't the weekly winner though we were impressed with his great aim! Our first place winner for this week is Brian Thomas. Brian and his daughter brought their entry in together to be weighed and measured. It's always nice to see the next generation show an interest in hunting! Congratulations to Brian and his daughter for winning week two!

Contest Reminders:

Our contest continues until May 31st, which is also the end of the turkey hunting season. There is no need to register for this contest in advance. Simply bring in your bird after you kill it Tuesday – Sunday during store hours. We will weigh and measure the turkey for you. We look at weight, combined spur length and beard length to determine the best bird. If you’re having trouble getting your bird Click Here to view the Knight and Hale Turkey Calls on sale over on our website. We also have a wide variety of chokes and shells designed to help boost your chances of that successful shot. Remember, there are weekly prizes to be won as we progress through turkey season. At the end we’ll announce our Grand Prize winners for Highest Scoring Bird ($250 gift card), Lowest Scoring Bird ($150 Gift card) and our Random Draw winner ($100)