2022 Fishing Seasons – Zone 3

General Information

Zone-wide seasons and limits

Zone-wide seasons and limits apply to all waters in the Zone except for the specific waters and species listed in the species exceptions and fish sanctuaries.

Aggregate limits for trout and salmon (including splake)

Limits: S-5 and C-2; total daily catch and possession limit for all trout and salmon species combined

Brook TroutJan 1 to Sept 15S-5 and C-2
Lake SturgeonJan 1 to Apr 15
Jul 1 to Dec 31
S-0 and C-0
Lake TroutJan 1 to Sept 30S-3 and C-1
Lake WhitefishAll YearS-12 and C-6
Largemouth and smallmouth bass combinedAll YearS-6 and C-2
Northern PikeAll YearS-6; not more than two greater than 61 centimetres, of which not more than one greater than 86 centimetres, and C-2; not more than one greater than 61 centimetres, none greater than 86 centimetres
SplakeAll YearS-5 and C-2
SunfishAll YearS-50 and C-25
Walleye and Sauger combinedJan 1 to Apr 14
third Saturday in May to Dec 31
S-4 and C-2; not more than one greater than 46 centimetres
Yellow PerchAll yearS-50 and C-25

Species exceptions

Brook trout

Additional fishing opportunities

Season: open all year

  • Pelican Lake (49°54′41″ N., 84°08′09″ W.) – Rogers Township
  • Scaup Lake (50°01′58″ N., 84°09′01″ W.) – Area 238

Lake trout

Additional fishing opportunities

Season: open all year

  • Brave Lake (49°51′15″ N., 84°20′43″ W.) – Auden Township

Rainbow Trout

Additional fishing opportunities

Season: open all year

Limits: S-5 and C-2

  • Swallow Lake (49°55′14″ N., 84°08′11″ W.) – Rogers Township

Fish sanctuaries

No fishing – from April 1 to June 15

  • French Creek – Hanlan Township, from its outflow at French Lake to the area between Hanlan and Wolverine lakes from Lot 13, Concession 10 to Lot 16, Concession 11 (known locally as Hanlan Narrows) and Ryland Creek from its outflow at French Lake to its intersection with the Concession 7 road
  • Fushimi Lake, Valentine River and Hanlan Lake – The embayment of Fushimi Lake northeast of the narrows (49°49’43.81″N., 83°52’19.82″W.), the Valentine River, and the northwest embayment of Hanlan Lake at the mouth of the Valentine River (49°50’39″N., 83°49’49″W.)
  • Holland Lake and Holland Creek – Stoddart Township
  • Pivabiska River – lying between its outflow from Pivabiska Lake in Lot 28, Concession 12 (Casgrain Township) downstream to the point where it intersects 49°52′N. (Ritchie Township)
  • Sainte Therese Creek – from its mouth at Lac Sainte Therese upstream to the point where it crosses the south boundary of Lot 26, Concession 7 (Casgrain Township) and the unnamed tributary lying between Sainte Therese Creek and Highway 583 in Lots 25 and 26, Concession 8
  • Stoddart Creek – Stoddart Township, between Stoddart Lake and the Valentine River
  • Valentine River – from Wolverine Lake to Pivabiska Lake