2022 Fishing Seasons – Zone 9

General Information

Zone-wide seasons and limits

Zone-wide seasons and limits apply to all waters in the Zone except for the specific waters and species listed in the species exceptions and waterbody exceptions.

Aggregate limits for trout and salmon (including splake)

Limits: S-5 and C-2; total daily catch and possession limit for all trout and salmon species combined

Atlantic SalmonAll YearS-1 and C-0
Brook Troutfourth Saturday in Apr to Labour DayS-1; must be greater than 56 centimetres, and C-0
Brown TroutAll YearS-5 and C-2
Channel CatfishAll YearS-12 and C-6
CrappieAll YearS-30 and C-10
Lake SturgeonClosed
Lake TroutJan 1 to Sept 30S-3 and C-1
Lake WhitefishAll YearS-12 and C-6
Largemouth and smallmouth bass combinedAll YearS-6 and C-2
MuskellungeThird Saturday in June to Dec 15S-1; must be greater than 91 centimetres, and C-0
Northern PikeAll YearS-4 and C-2; none between 70-90 centimetres, not more than 1 greater than 90 centimetres
Pacific SalmonAll YearS-5 and C-2
Rainbow TroutAll YearS-1 and C-0
SplakeJan 1 to Sept 30S-3 and C-1
SunfishAll YearS-50 and C-25
Walleye and Sauger combinedJan 1 to Apr 14
third Saturday in May to Dec 31
S-2 and C-1
Yellow PerchAll yearS-25 and C-12

Species exceptions

Rainbow trout

Limits: S-2 and C-1

  • Lake Superior, east of the Pic River (Zone 9)

Walleye and sauger

Season: closed all year

  • Black Bay – from 48°37′N. (Bent Island) northward
  • Nipigon Bay (Lake Superior) – from the north-easterly point of Simpson Island to the western edge of Ruby Lake Provincial Park excluding the mouth of the Nipigon River and the channels between St. Ignace and Simpson Islands.

Season: open from January 1 to March 31 and July 1 to December 31

  • Montreal River – from the first Great Lakes Power Dam to Lake Superior

Waterbody exceptions

Lake Superior – excluding Black Bay north of latitude 48°37′N. (Bent Island), Lake Superior and Nipigon Bay lying north of a line drawn northeasterly from the southernmost tip of Magnet Point on Black Bay Peninsula to Schreiber Point, and Michipicoten Bay inside a line drawn across the bay from Perkwakwai Point to Smokey Point

  • Two lines may be used when trolling from a boat in open water