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1 Concerning the Triggers and Bows Shooting Range
1.1 How big is the Triggers and Bows Shooting Range?

Firearms Range: 30 Yards, 10 Lanes

Archery Range: 25 Yards, 16 Lanes

1.2 What am I permitted to shoot on the ranges?

Firearms Range: All handguns, any rifle with a handgun caliber up to a .223 Rem., and Shotgun Slugs

Archery Range: Any bow that does not exceed 400 FPS.

1.3 What should I wear when I am shooting on the gun range?

Flip flops and sandals are not permitted. Closed toe shoes are mandatory. Due to the nature of some firearms, it is possible that empty shell casings could fly back and hit you in the chest. These empty shell casings can be hot, so low-cut tops should not be worn.

1.4 Do I need a Firearms License (PAL) to shoot?

No. You may purchase a Range Package and shoot while under the supervision of a licensed Range Officer. 

1.5 I want to purchase a Range Package, what do I need to do?

Triggers and Bows offers an array of packages for customers to enjoy; they can be viewed here. All Range Packages must be booked in advance. Upon arriving at the Triggers and Bows Store, a waiver will need to be completed by everyone who will be participating in the shoot. Hearing and eye protection will be provided for you. You can book a Range Package by clicking the "Book Now" button, or by calling the Triggers and Bows Store at 519-449-1001.

1.6 Do I need to book a time to shoot?

If you are a licensed firearms owner and would like to shoot in our range, no appointment is necessary. You are required to complete a waiver and pay a lane rental fee of $35.

If you are looking to use our Archery Range, an appointment is not necessary either. You are required to complete a waiver upon arrival. The lane rental fee is $10 when you have your own equipment. If you require the use of Triggers and Bows archery equipment, the cost is $25. 

Non-members of either range are allowed to rent lanes during store hours only, unless they are accompanied by a Range Member, in which case a Guest Fee will be applied.

2 Concerning Landsborough Auctions
2.1 Where do I drop off and/or pick up item(s) from the auctions?

Item(s) to be sold in the auction can be dropped off at the Triggers and Bows Store north side door, marked "Landsborough Auctions". 

Purchased item(s) can be picked up at the same location, as described above.

2.2 Where do the auctions take place?

Gun auctions are held at the Paris Fairgrounds and take place four times a year in the months of March, June, September, and November.

Online firearm, hunting, and archery accessory auctions are held on the third Thursday of every month, except for the month of December.

2.3 What are the consignor commission rates?

For commission rates, please call Landsborough Auctions at 519-449-1001.

We do not accept reserve bids for any sale item(s), however by consigning your item(s) to Landsborough Auctions, many thousands of potential purchasers are given the opportunity to bid.

2.4 Can I register online to partake in the auctions?

Yes! You can register online by visiting the Landsborough Auctions website, and choose to register with either iCollector or Proxibid.

By registering online, you can bid on items live without physically attending the auction, although being in attendance is always fun!

2.5 Is food provided at the auction?

Yes, there is a large variety of food and snacks available for sale at the auction.

2.6 I won something at an auction recently. When can I pick it up?

Item(s) can be picked up on the Monday following the auction, anytime after 1PM.

2.7 I sold something at a recent auction. When will I get my cheque?

Typically, consignment cheques are mailed within two (2) weeks following auction end.