Remington 3M Breathable Camo Adhesive Mossy Oak Shadow Grass

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Stop fighting with cumbersome preparation and removal of face paint, uncomfortable masks and head-nets, and stay unseen with Rem Skin.
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UPC: 047700178493
Brand: Remington

The patented Rem Skin 3M Breathable Camo Adhesive Sheets offer an alternative to the more uncomfortable and inconvenience concealment techniques such as face masks, head-nets or face paint.

Made using 3M Medical Tape, the hypoallergenic Rem Skin is easily applied, comfortable to wear, non-irritating to the skin and simple to remove.

Packaged with various pre-cut shapes and sizes for numerous applications, just peel the adhesive backed Rem Skin from the backing and apply to the body.

Thin, yet durable enough to resist heavy perspiration, Rem Skin conforms effortlessly to the contours of your skin, allowing all-day comfort while in the field.

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