Turkey Contest Week 5 results plus Grand Prize Winners!


Turkey Season is Over!

  Turkey Season has come to an end, at least until fall, and so our contest has closed as well. We saw some great birds this year and were amazed at your dedication to get out there and hunt despite the wet, windy weather this spring! Here at Triggers and Bows we love celebrating with you when you bring your birds in to be weighed and measured. Hearing your hunting stories is a highlight of our days!  

Week 5 Winner

  Our final weekly winner is Jeff Leegstra, congratulations Jeff! His bird weighed in a respectable 21.2 lb! How fantastic for a bird so late in the season. Jeff's bird was the very last bird to be brought in this year!  

Grand Prize Winners

  Our 3 categories for prizes are Best Scoring Bird, Lowest Scoring Bird, and Random Draw. For Best Scoring Bird the triple bearded beauty makes its comeback! Congratulations Quintan Bruce on winning the grand prize of a $250 gift card to use here at the store! His turkey weighed in at 23.8 lb, and scored high points with beard lengths of 9.6” 8.5” and 7.5”. Combined Spur length was 2.3”. What a great bird! The prize for the Lowest Scoring Bird goes to Cole Stoner. His turkey weighed in at only 10.4lb had a 7.5” beard and no spurs. The prize for lowest scoring bird is a $150 gift card for here at the store! The Random Draw prize winner goes to Pete Perversoff. His bird was on the light side at 11.4, and had ¼ spurs, but its respectable 9.25” beard kept it out of the running for the lowest scoring bird! Our random prize winner receives a $100 gift card for use here at the store.   Congratulations to all of our winners and to all the successful hunters who brought in their turkeys for us to weigh and measure. We look forward to seeing all your successes next year!