Why I chose SportDog when training my dog

Why I chose SportDog

My Dog

Eight years ago, I brought home an 8-week-old rambunctious Alaskan Malamute mix. He stole my heart instantly, but as he rapidly grew, I realized that my adorable puppy was turning into both a strong, and headstrong dog. By six months he weighed over 60 lb and had an incredible amount of energy. Jericho is intelligent, crafty, and strong. He learned how to slip collars by the time he was three months old and regularly during a walk would simply take off in a different direction, leaving his collar empty at my side. I needed to build a stronger recall with my dog when he slipped the leash. By the time he was six months he was beginning to learn that he was stronger than me. If he simply stopped walking or changed directions, he could pull me along behind. I needed an incentive to get him to walk alongside me. Our favourite activities include off leash hiking. I needed a more reliable way to call him back when he left my line of sight. We also enjoy biking, but I needed to make sure he wouldn’t pull on the leash and cause an accident. [caption id="attachment_3013" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Hiking at Falkners Falls Fully Waterproof is a Must![/caption]

My Results

I chose a SportDog Collar to train my dog and I have never regretted it. Eight years later the collar still works (despite being a bit chewed!) and my dog still gets excited when he sees me bring it out. Jericho knows that when I pull out the SportDog collar, we are going somewhere fun and exciting. He instantly behaves better. The collar and controller have been incredibly durable. They are fully waterproof (a must with my dog!) and have survived through some rough play sessions with other puppies, repeated soakings, and a particular episode where puppy Jericho decided the controller looked tasty and chewed it up a bit. The collar helped me teach Jericho not to pull on the leash, to come when he was called, and to listen for my voice when he was out of eyesight. It was even helpful with curbing barking inside the house! People are always commenting on how well behaved my dog is. I attribute that good behaviour to his SportDog collar! Sometimes people tell me it is cruel or mean to use this type of collar on my dog, but Jericho’s joy every time I pick it up paints a very different picture. My dog loves his collar. Now that Jericho is trained, I rarely need to correct him; the tone function is enough to remind him to listen. Thanks to my SportDog Collar I have a well behaved, obedient companion that I can take anywhere without fear! [caption id="attachment_3014" align="aligncenter" width="318"]I can bring my dog anywhere Spending the Day at the Grand[/caption]

In store

We have a selection of SportDog training gear in store and online. If you don't see what you're looking for give us a call and we can order in exactly what you're looking for! Whether you're looking for help getting your dog to heel, or hoping to train your new hunting companion, SportDog is there to help.