Preparing for Bass Opening- Location, Time, Tackle

Bass Season is finally here! We’ve left some tips, tricks and important information below to help you bring home the bass.


When deciding where to set up for the day, keep some of the following in mind: Bass love shallow, warm water with lots of plant life in it. They prefer still or slow-moving water which is why you’ll find them in lakes more often than in streams or rivers, and bass is one of the most cover seeking fish species around. They’re always looking for a good place to hole up - under submerged logs or brush. This means habitats like Lake Erie are ideal for bass. You also find lots of fish on Lake Simcoe or up north on Eagle Lake.

Fishing Times

The best time for bass fishing is early morning or in the evening. You might also have more luck on cloudy days.  This has to do with how much light bass can tolerate because they are more likely to be active in the earlier part of the season when the weather is getting warmer.

Best Bass Tackle

Bass aren’t picky fish; they’ll get excited over almost any bait, but depending on the time of day or location on the lake,  you may find more success with one type of bait over another.

Plastic Baits

Plastic baits won’t lead to the hard strikes you might encounter with some of the other lures. It may take some time to learn what a nibble feels like versus a snag or bump.  The wide variety of options within the plastics category can help ensure you get your fish. Mixed with salts, these baits leave a trail in the water that fish find irresistible. Plastics are great when you’re moving slowly through an area. We recommend Finesse Slammers like the Xzone Pro Series. This drop-shot bait dances through the water, drawing the eye of nearby fish. X Zone Pro Series 3.25" Finesse Slammer Another great option is the Gulp Alive 6” night crawlers. This Berkley Bait comes with a solution to keep your bait smelling fresh to the fish no matter how often you’re out on the lake! Their plastic is also biodegradable, making losing a lure less worrisome. Berkley Gulp Alive 6" NightCrawler

Frog Fishing

No need to be scared of the reedy water! Bass love to lurk in the reeds during daylight hours. Frog lures are designed in such a way that they are less likely to pick up reeds or other plant life as they trawl along, allowing you to get into tricky, weedy areas without worrying about getting hung up. We recommend frogs like the LunkerHunt Pocket Frog any time you find yourself in a weedy or shallow situation. PF04 Leopard Lurkerhunt Pocket Frog


Spinnerbait is one of the most versatile baits, but it requires a bit of patience to learn how to move the lure in a way that attracts the bass. The trick is to move the lure erratically, making the bass think they’ve found a wounded or tired bait fish. Once you get the hang of it, this flashy lure is used in shallow or deep water to cause bass to strike hard. We recommend Reed-Runner Spinnerbait from Northland Tackle if you want to give this type of fishing a try. Northland Fishing Tackle Reed-Runner Spinner Bait 3/8 Oz Green/Yellow


Topwater lures work best at dawn or dusk when the fish rise closer to the surface.  Topwater lures are designed with special attachments that allow them to skip over the surface. The fish is drawn to the noise and water movement. We recommend Jitterbug from Arbogast. This light weight little lure is perfect for bass of all sizes. Arbogast Topwater Jitterbug Lure 3/8oz. Rainbow Pattern     Come in and visit us at the store. We’d love to help you get set up for success this bass fishing season, and if you'd like to see your catch displayed on our big screen, send your photos to!