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A Beginners Guide to Fishing: Fishing Gear

How to Catch More Fish  When you first decide to go fishing, deciding what gear to buy can feel very daunting. We often have people in our store ask us, "what do I need to start fishing?" We decided to put together a $100 tackle box with everything you need to start fishing as a beginner. This basic tackle box will have everything you need regardless of the types of fish, fishing from the dock for sunfish, or bass fishing on the lake. Fishing License Before you can head out to the water, if you are 18 and over or under 65 years old, you need an Outdoors Card and License to fish. You can get these on-line or at approved retailers or participating Service Ontario locations. If you are under 18 or older than [...]

Archery Point Types

Have you ever needed to look for arrow tips? Picking which ones to use can seem overwhelming when you first start comparing them. There are so many tips to choose from and each is slightly different from the next. It’s important to ask yourself what kind of tip is needed. Depending on what you’re doing, the type of tip may change. Combined with weight and size, every kind of tip excels at different activities. Today, we’re going to talk about the basic types of archery points, also called arrow tips, and when to use each kind. We can break archery points down into three major categories: small game points, practice points, and broadheads. There is some overlap between small game tips and practice points. Some tips work for either activity, but other designs work [...]