Proper Etiquette for Firearms Range

No matter where you go in life, proper etiquette is important. The same applies to your firing range. At Triggers and Bows, new members must pass a range safety course. This is because members have 24/7 access and there is not always a range officer present to oversee the shooting. Here is some common range etiquette to keep in mind:

The Basics

Turn on the live range button before you begin firing. This lets anyone entering know that they need to be wearing their eye and ear protection. Also remember to start up the air filtration system which helps protect members from lead exposure. Don’t cross the yellow firing line until the range light is red. These safety precautions help keep you and other members safe, so please keep them in mind! Always point your firearm downrange, even if it is unloaded. Safety is important, so remember to PROVE your firearm and remove the magazine when you’re not shooting. Even though you know it’s unloaded, it’s important to keep the firearm pointed away from people at all times. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it. Never shoot blindly. Always take the time to assess and make sure the range is clear before you begin shooting. Ensure your target is at a safe firing distance for your firearm. It is important to leave your finger off the trigger until you’re absolutely ready to shoot. Every range has its own set of rules to follow. Before you head out to shoot, learn more about the Firearms Range Rules. Range Active/Safe button

Things to Avoid and Why

Avoid firing at cables, supports, baffle or target frames

This can cause damage to the range which leads to inoperable lanes and more maintenance closures. By taking the time to be sure of your target, you can help keep the range open for everyone to enjoy.

Make sure you’re shooting down your own lane at all times

Cross-lane shooting leads to accidents or distracts other members. It can also cause damage to the range. Always be sure which target is yours and set your sights accordingly.

No food or drink in the range

There are several reasons why food and drink are not allowed on the range. Spills can present a hazard to other shooters, leading to slips, trips and falls. Additionally, shooting a firearm releases particles of lead into the air that can contaminate your snacks. You should wait until you have exited the range and washed your face and hands before eating or drinking.

No metal targets on the range

The range is indoors and firing distance is limited. Metal targets are designed to be shot at specific angles and distances depending on the type of ammunition being used. Our range is not set up to safely shoot this type of target. If you need paper or cardboard targets, we have a wide selection in our store.

Stay in your booth

It can be easy to get excited or distracted when firing. To maintain a safe environment, it is important to stay in front of the yellow line when shooting. Our booths have been designed to help you stay in your own lane and close to the firing line.

Clean up your target and brass

After you’re done shooting, it’s important to take the time to clean your area. Our range targets can be pulled in with the flip of a switch; you don’t even need to wait for others to finish shooting! There is a broom on the range for sweeping up loose brass. It’s okay if you don’t want to take it with you; just sweep it out onto the range where it won’t be underfoot. If you’re the last person out of the range, please turn off the HVAC system and reset the firing range light to green.