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7 Gun cleaning essentials

You want your gun to remain a reliable machine right? Well, it won’t stay that way unless you keep it properly maintained which includes cleaning it on a regular basis. While the actual cleaning of your gun is a fairly simple chore, it definitely helps when you use the right equipment. Here’s a quick rundown of the items you need to clean your firearm, whether it’s a handgun, rifle or shotgun. 1. Cleaning Rod It’s important to remember that using a cleaning rod can actually damage the barrel of your gun if it’s not used correctly. The slightest ding on the crown can impact the accuracy of a rifle or handgun. This is why you should try to use a cleaning rod made of a material that is softer than the steel of the barrel [...]

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Bows and arrows and life lessons

Archery is a skill that can take a lifetime to master. But its biggest lesson is also the simplest: by pulling back the bow, you learn how to let go. What was once a means to provide food and protection for families, is now a favourite pastime for all ages. And as a low-impact and lifetime interest, this is one pastime that can teach valuable lessons while providing entertainment. Besides the fun of sending arrows downrange into a target, archery can also be used as a teaching tool. Providing life lessons, archery is far more than just ownership of a bow and arrow. 1. Teaches Discipline For those who are involved in archery, they understand it is a series of precise movements learned by discipline. This sport teaches this valuable life lesson by demanding proper [...]

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10 Hunting goods every good hunter needs

While it isn’t deer hunting season right now, your preparation should start now. In order to succeed as a hunter, you need to be as prepared as possible with the proper hunting goods. Often overlooked, a look into your gear and actual hunting preparation can make or break your next hunting adventure. Here are 10 hunting goods that every good hunter should have packed in their bags for a successful trip. 1. Water and snacks Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Yet, you wouldn’t believe the number of hunters that have to cut their trips short because they forgot these simple items. If you’re really thinking ahead, try packing a hydration pack or a quiet water bottle, not a noisy plastic bottle. It also never hurts to have a little power bar to help you punch out [...]

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What important items should be in your gun range bag?

Having a great day at the gun range starts with having your range bag packed correctly with all of the items you need to create a successful shooting experience. Being as prepared and as comfortable as possible will save you time and money and keep you from disturbing others on the range. Covering the bare essentials, we have broken down exactly what you need to be safe, prepared and ready to have fun at the gun range. Range Bag A successful trip to the shooting range all starts with your bag. Be sure to purchase a bag that can carry plenty of ammunition, your firearm(s), hearing and eyewear protection, and a snack or two. Different bags meet different needs and each will vary in size, the number of compartments, and the number of firearms it [...]

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