Why I chose SportDog when training my dog.

Why I chose SportDog My Dog Eight years ago, I brought home an 8-week-old rambunctious Alaskan Malamute mix. He stole my heart instantly, but as he rapidly grew, I realized that my adorable puppy was turning into both a strong, and headstrong dog. By six months he weighed over 60 lb and had an incredible amount of energy. Jericho is intelligent, crafty, and strong. He learned how to slip collars by the time he was three months old and regularly during a walk would simply take off in a different direction, leaving his collar empty at my side. I needed to build a stronger recall with my dog when he slipped the leash. By the time he was six months he was beginning to learn that he was stronger than me. If he simply stopped [...]

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Turkey Contest Week 5 results plus Grand Prize Winners!

  Turkey Season is Over!   Turkey Season has come to an end, at least until fall, and so our contest has closed as well. We saw some great birds this year and were amazed at your dedication to get out there and hunt despite the wet, windy weather this spring! Here at Triggers and Bows we love celebrating with you when you bring your birds in to be weighed and measured. Hearing your hunting stories is a highlight of our days!   Week 5 Winner   Our final weekly winner is Jeff Leegstra, congratulations Jeff! His bird weighed in a respectable 21.2 lb! How fantastic for a bird so late in the season. Jeff's bird was the very last bird to be brought in this year!   Grand Prize Winners   Our 3 categories [...]

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7 Ways to Enjoy Archery

As a great lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by all, archery introduces you to new people while exercising your mind and body. Although it might not seem versatile to newcomers, you’ll soon learn the many ways there actually are to participate in the beautiful sport of archery.. Here are just a few ideas to add variety to your archery routine.

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Wild Turkey Hunt Week 4

Wild Turkey Winner Week 4 Turkey season is almost over! Congratulations to all the hunters who have braved the uncertain weather to bag their birds. With only one week left time is running out to enter our competition for the highest scoring bird, lowest scoring bird and random draw! This week our winner is Taylor Buck who brought in a beauty with a double beard. Congratulations! There is one more weekly winner before we announce the grand prizes. It’s not too late to win it all, if you have a tag left go on out there and hunt down the best turkey you can find!   Contest Reminders: Our contest continues until May 31st, which is also the end of the turkey hunting season. There is no need to register for this contest in advance. [...]

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First Time Shooting Range Tips

Whether you are new to guns or simply new to using the shooting range, many people experience going to the range for the first time. There is likely a wave of emotions that occur as you prepare and once you are there, you are likely to be a little nervous. Our experts explain what to expect when you go to the range for the first time to help you feel more comfortable.

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Wild Turkey Contest Week Three

Contest Updates: We hope you all had a great long weekend, some of you even got in some turkey hunting in! We got some warmer weather, and finally saw some sunshine. With less than two weeks left in the season now is the time to bring in your birds. Just like the weather, this contest is heating up! Our winning entry this week was from the hunter who brought in the coyote and turkey combo the week before. His second bird was both hefty and double bearded! What an amazing bird, great kills two weeks in a row! Our first-place winner for this week is Jason Cooper. Congratulations Jason! Contest Reminders: Our contest continues until May 31st, which is also the end of the turkey hunting season. There is no need to register for this [...]

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Wild Turkey Contest Week 2

Wild Turkey Contest Week 2   Winner of week 2 of the Wild Turkey Contest Contest Updates: What a season! This spring has been cold with some crazy temperature swings, but despite the bad weather, you've kept bringing in your birds! Warmer weather is coming although the rain and clouds look like they may be hanging around until the weekend. We hope the weather won't deter you from going out and getting your birds! One of our favourite entries this week was the hunter who brought in the coyote he killed just 20 minutes before he bagged his turkey. He wasn't the weekly winner though we were impressed with his great aim! Our first place winner for this week is Brian Thomas. Brian and his daughter brought their entry in together to be [...]

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Wild Turkey Contest Week 1

Wild Turkey Contest Week 1 Winner We saw lots of birds the first week of our Wild Turkey Contest! Congratulations to everyone who braved the wet weather last week! There have been some great birds entered, and our current top place winner might be tough to beat. Quintan Bruce pulled in a triple bearded turkey that stole the show this week, but it's still early in the season. With the promise of more sunshine in the coming week we're sure you'll all be out hunting down the best bird. Congratulations to Quintan for winning week one! Contest Reminders: Our contest continues until May 31st, which is also the end of the turkey hunting season. There is no need to register for this contest in advance. Simply bring in your bird after you kill it Tuesday - [...]

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