Health Benefits of Archery

Archery may be considered a fun hobby to many but there is much more beyond that. The sport of archery requires precision, control, focus, physical ability and determination. Top athletes train daily, and for hours at a time, but even recreational archery carry huge benefits towards your health. Whether practiced indoors or out, competitively or social, archery gets you active, burning calories and in an overall better state of mind. Here are just a few of the health benefits you will start to notice if you start coming to Triggers and Bows’ state-of-the-art archery range regularly. 1. Exercise Archery is a sport that can be practiced by all, no matter age, gender or ability. While physically drawing a bow does expend energy, so does walking to and from the target end to end to collect [...]

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Archery Safety 101

No matter what kind of archery you shoot, there are some basic safety principles that can help ensure you and your friends always have a great time at the Triggers and Bows archery range. Before Shooting Before an archer actually starts shooting there are a number of safety precautions they should take, including: Checking equipment for damage Keep clothing and jewellery out of the string’s way Make sure the range is clear It’s a good idea to check bow strings for signs of fraying and looking for cracks or warped wood in the limbs or riser of your bow. On arrows, feel the fletches to make sure they are attached and, using screw-in points, test the points to make sure they are screwed in tightly. Replace any plastic nocks that have cracks. While Shooting Obviously, [...]

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Turkey Hunting Mistakes

Autumn is here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. What better way to prepare for the holiday than by hunting for that turkey dinner yourself? If you’re planning on getting out there and hunting for your own Thanksgiving dinner this year, be sure to avoid these costly mistakes. 1. Choosing weak setups How you setup for a turkey hunt can actually be more important than your calling skills. Some turkey hunters merely flop down anywhere close to the tom and begin their calling sequence without much consideration or thought about their setup. On occasion, this technique may work, however, how many times have you heard about a gobbler hanging up just out of gun range? If you want to avoid experiencing that saying, then you need to develop an intimate knowledge of the turkey’s [...]

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Proper Hunting Etiquette

Respectable hunters live by both a written and an unwritten code. Most of us acknowledge our responsibility to follow the formal and informal rules of etiquette. When it comes down to it, we can’t help but conclude that it’s all about respect – respecting the law, landowners, the land, as well as hunters alike. So, next time you go out for a hunting adventure, be sure to remember and follow the below hunting etiquettes. Respect the Law Legal and ethical responsibilities often overlap, and state and provincial hunting regulations exist for good reason. Designed to protect the resource, access, and the hunter, following game laws is very much part of our hunter etiquette. In our society, it is a social expectation that each of us follow the laws and regulations that are set in place [...]

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Anatomy Of A Bow And Arrow

An archer is not an archer without his bow and you cannot shoot a bow without an arrow. In order to progress as an athlete, every archer must learn their equipment including the basic parts that make a bow and arrow. That’s why our archery experts here at Triggers and Bows have put together this guide allowing you to become a more informed archer. Let’s start with the anatomy of a bow which includes four basic parts. 1. The Riser The riser is the center piece of the bow that the upper and lower limb attach to. This can either be made of a composite or wood and has three main features including the grip, sight window, and arrow rest. The grip is the curved portion of the riser that is made for your hand [...]

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Archery Bonding With Your Dad

Father’s Day is a special moment for all of the families out there as it is a day to celebrate what we share with the man who has always been there for us. Teaching us right from wrong, what the love of shooting our first arrow is like, and how to shoot for the stars and dream of what we can achieve. And what better way to celebrate this special day than spending some time shooting bows and arrows with your old man at Triggers and Bows at our state-of-the-art archery range? Here are just a few ways you can bond with your dad while participating in archery. 1. Life lessons There are times in life where parents get the chance to really teach their children what they want them to learn in life. Archery [...]

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How to gut and clean a fish

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining brighter, and that means the fish are out and about, ready for you to catch them. Picture this: it’s the perfect summer day, you have all of your fishing gear ready, you hook your bait, cast your line and you catch a big one! So now what? While some like to participate in the popular catch and release routine, others fish and hook to cook. Before you get to grilling that juicy fish, first you need to gut and clean it and we’re here to teach you how in just four easy steps. Before you get started on gutting your fish, you will want to find a flat surface. If you’re in the house this is easy since you can just use the countertop and cover [...]

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Where to shoot a deer

Any good hunter will tell you how important it is to respect your prey and a key part of that respect is to try and kill it as quickly and humanely as possible. Basically, to kill an animal with a single shot is the goal of every responsible hunter. Whether you’re shooting a rifle or a bow, many of us were taught to aim for the heart and lungs when hunting deer, but should we be aiming somewhere else? Let’s look at five primary targets that hunters use to take down a deer. 1. The Brain When well executed, a shot to the brain will drop a deer instantly. Losing consciousness and experiencing no pain, a bullet through the brain disrupts all life functions. A favored gun shot among professionals, a brain shot has little [...]

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How to properly clean your gun

Cleaning and maintaining your firearms preserves their functionality and value while keeping them safe and accurate. The effort and attention you put into cleaning your guns will pay off in peace of mind that they will do what you need them to do. Good maintenance and cleaning habits help you get to know your gun better and have more confidence in its performance at the range. For a basic fundamental firearm cleaning, follow these five quick steps: 1. Unload the gun We may be stating the obvious but before cleaning any gun, make sure it is unloaded. From there, read the owner’s manual for specific instructions on your gun model. Remove any clips or magazines as well. Remove the bolt from the firearm and brush with solvent, clean it, dry it off and then lightly [...]

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Optics 101

Innovation and production in the optics industry is no longer moving at a snail pace. Not only have hunting optics moved far from the traditional iron sights, they have actually bounced into a new and futuristic age of technological advances. We now live in an era where telescopic sights, binoculars, and even cameras have received modern-day makeovers that have greatly improved the primitive adventure for hunters like you and me. From rifle scopes to range finders and spotting scopes to red dot sights, here is your guide into the hunting optics you have to choose from. Sights vs. Scopes While scopes and sights may be similar in function and purpose, there are definitive differences between the two that you should be aware of. And while these differences aren’t always black and white, there are some [...]

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