Bowtech Carbon One X 70# RH Compoud Bow Country DNA Camo

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Product Details
UPC: 840107817664
Brand: Bowtech
Type: Dual Cam
Hand: Right
Draw Weight: 70lbs
Color: Camo
Camo Pattern: Mossy Oak Country DNA
Brace Height: 6.125"
Arrow Speed: 339FPS
Axle-to-Axle Length: 33"
Draw Length: 25.5-30.5"
Model Number/Mfc SKU: A14456
Let-Off: 85%/87%

The Bowtech Carbon One X, a groundbreaking innovation designed to elevate your hunting prowess. Tailored for enthusiasts who favor a bow with a longer axle-to-axle measurement, this design enhances stability, while its carbon build ensures a whisper-quiet release. The revolutionary Deadlock Cam system facilitates effortless and precise tuning, negating the need for a bow press to optimize your equipment. The Clutch Performance Grip offers customizable grip options to achieve a flawless fit for your hand, complemented by a warm touch material for a steady and comfortable hold even in the chill of the hunt.

The Carbon One X introduces on-the-fly performance tuning, allowing users to toggle between comfort and performance shooting modes. The construction of the bow, paired with orbit dampeners, efficiently eliminates the common shooting thump associated with carbon bows, and virtually eradicates all vibration. With the Carbon One X, enhanced by the DeadLock Cam System and its smooth, vibration-free draw, Bowtech empowers you to master the wilderness with unparalleled confidence.ct shot.


  • Axle-to-Axle: 33"
  • Brace Height: 6 1/8"
  • Draw Length: 25.5" - 31.5"
  • Draw Weight: 50lbs, 60lbs, 70lbs
  • Let Off: up to 85% / 87%
  • IBO Speed: 339FPS
  • Cam: Deadlock and Time Lock cam system
  • Weight: 4.5lbs
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