TACTIX Pistol/Rifle Class with TAC-MED

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The Basic Tactical Medicine (TacMed) course is designed for beginners and enthusiasts to teach some of the fundamental aspects of tactical emergency combat care such as the environmental dangers, bleeding control, and wound dressing. This comprehensive 4-hour training involves instruction, practical demonstrations, and hands-on tasks performed by students, all conducted under different stress levels. Some parts of the training involve physically demanding and emotionally taxing scenarios. No prior experience or training is necessary to enroll in this course.

Develop confidence and skills with safe and efficient use of your semi auto rifle and pistol .

Improves accuracy and overall learning and shooting experience.

  • Proper grip, sight alignment, picture and acquisition
  • Stance
  • Trigger control
  • Recoil Mitigation
  • Safe holster draw and return
  • Presentation to target
  • Low/High ready
  • Slide lock & tac mag change

Tac-Med consists of tourniquet, compression bandage and wound packing .

Various static position shooting drills reinforce the shooting fundamentals and commit them to muscle memory.

Pistol/rifle and tac-med course is on Sunday February 11,2024

Class starts @ 9am and runs until 4pm

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