Booyah Blade Spinner Bait

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Color for color and component for component, these are the finest spinnerbaits available at any price. With bait sizes from 3/16 oz. to 1 oz. and seemingly endless custom color combinations - there's a BOOYAH Blade for North to South and East to West.
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Product Details
Brand: Booyah
Tags: Fishing Lure
Type: Spinner Bait
Weight: 1/2oz (14.17g)
Hook Size: 4
Target Species: Bass, Pike, Musky
Water: Freshwater
UPC: 719339070225

The BOOYAH Double Willow Blade is a proven bass tournament winning spinnerbait. It's designed for maximum vibration, making it perfect for cool- or murky-water situations. The 55-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt undulates like a baitfish and hides one of the toughest and sharpest hooks in the business.

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