Butler Creek Featherlight Minimalist Sling w/ Swivels Prymi Black Out

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The new Minimalist sling was designed with our Hyperlite material to give you the lightest, toughest sling we have ever designed for the most unforgiving terrains known to man.
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UPC: 051525020776
Brand: Butler Creek

The lightest, simplest and strongest sling you will ever have the joy of using.

  • Little to no interference with backpacks
  • .04" thick hyper-lite material provides extreme tensile strength at over 3000lb per square inch and can handle extreme temps from -22 to 248 degrees.
  • Extremely light-weight at only 3oz including steel swivels
  • Solid steel swivels are included with all slings
  • Extremely compact, this sling can be rolled up to a size of a baseball and can be stored in small pockets
  • Shoulder strap forms to your shoulder and provides extreme non-slip grip
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