Carlson's Auto Catcher for Semi-Auto Shotguns 12 & 20 Gauge

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The Carlson's Auto Catcher Shell Catcher for Semi Auto Shotguns features an all-steel design, preventing empty hulls from being ejected. The shell catcher retains them for you for easy removal. This model fits most semi-auto 12 and 20 gauge shotguns.
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UPC: 723189004408
Brand: Carlson's

Simply peel the double-sided tape and attach to your gun's receiver. The semi-permanent adhesive may be removed when desired. The soft, padded tape adds an additional layer of protection between the metals. No movement or vibration can scratch your finish. You can also close or open the ends of the wire to adjust fit for different loads or guns.

  • All-steel design
  • Works on most 12/20ga semi-autos
  • Mounts with padded, double-sided tape
  • Adjustable fit
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