Carlson's Cremator Ported Choke Tube Sets Beretta Optima HP System 12 Gauge Mid-Range & Long-Range Combo

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This design offers reduced pellet deformation, less flyers and more dense patterns. These benefits make the Cremator Series extremely effective on all types of waterfowl throughout the entire season.
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UPC: 723189115623
Brand: Carlson's

Carlson's Cremator Ported Choke Tubes come with a long-range choke, mid-range choke, and a free wrench, ensuring that you're set up for a variety of hunting scenarios. TST technology provides a stair-step-like transition to the final constriction, reducing pellet deformation and producing a consistent pattern. The ported design reduces muzzle jump so you can stay on target for follow-up shots. Mid-range choke is best for shots between 20 yds. to 40 yds., while long-range choke delivers excellent consistency beyond 40 yds. Carlson's Cremator Ported Choke Tubes are compatible with lead, steel, and Hevi-Shot loads.

  • Includes long-range and midrange shotgun chokes and wrench
  • TST technology reduces pellet deformation
  • Ported to reduce muzzle jump
  • Accepts lead, steel, and Hevi-Shot loads
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