Cotton Cordell Deep Diving Minnow

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The Cotton Cordell Deep CC Minnow Deep Diver Jerkbait is a 4" deep diving jerkbait providing anglers with a productive jerkbait that can reach over 14' on a long cast and doubles as an excellent trolling lure.
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Product Details
Brand: Cotton Cordell
Tags: Fishing Lure
Type: Crank Bait
Length: 4" (10.16cm)
Weight: 7/16oz (12.4g)
Hook Size: 6
Depth: 12-14ft
Technique: Trolling, Casting
Water: Freshwater
UPC: 020495039552

The Deep CC Minnow is an excellent trick of all trades for anglers looking to give fish multiple different presentations. The bait reaches astounding distances when cast, giving long retrieval opportunities when used as a jerkbait. The Deep CC Minnow can also double as a highly effective trolling bait, featuring a deadly tight wobbling action.


  • Deep-diving minnow that will dive 12-14 feet deep
  • The unique lip design imparts a slight roll, while the body creates a side-to-side swimming pattern.


  • Model No.: C07D
  • Size: 4" (10.16 cm)
  • Weight: 7/16oz (12.40 g)
  • Hook Size: #6
  • Cranking Depth: 12-14 ft
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