Dead Down Wind Man Scrubber Preloaded Soap Unscented 5 Fl Oz Resealable Storage Bag

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The All-New Man Scrubber by Dead Down Wind features an innovative and new showering experience that will not only hide odour, but annihilate it.
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UPC: 855711008063
Brand: Dead Down Wind

With Dead Down Wind’s ScentPrevent Technology, enzymes actively work to seek and destroy bacteria right at the source and make the way we wash a whole new routine.

Dead Down Wind Man Scrubber:

  • Skin-safe formula: Designed to Scrub, Clean and Smooth skin.
  • Dual-Sided Pad: Offers smooth and scrubbing side to match the grit you’ll encounter on your next adventure.
  • Easy Travel: Convenient and reusable travel-sized scrubber.
  • Annihilates Odor: Incorporates ScentPrevent Technology to kill bacteria with odor-fighting enzymes.
  • Made to Last: Will last up to 30-showers.
  • Includes a lanyard and resealable package.
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