Excalibur Charger Lite Crank Cocking Aid

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This cocking aid is the perfect solution for hunters to cock any Excalibur crossbow quickly and quietly. This must-have accessory dramatically reduces the effort required to draw the crossbow and assures consistent string alignment.
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UPC: 626192107220
Brand: Excalibur

Unlike unwieldy, permanently mounted cranks, The Excalibur Charger Lite Crossbow Cocking Aid detaches in seconds and can be carried separately in a pack or pocket. Manufactured from high-strength aluminum alloys, this crank is machined to tight tolerances for a lifetime of use.


  • Dramatically reduces the draw effort of any Excalibur crossbow to as little as 12 lbs.
  • The quick and easy detach system allows for quick mounting and can be removed in seconds.
  • The ambidextrous handle can be used for either right or left hand operation.
  • The Fail-Safe Strap adds support and security, to quietly and safely de-cock the crossbow.
  • Fits most Excalibur models made after 2008 (except TwinStrike and Assassin)
  • The Charger Lite is ultra-lightweight for easy carry in the field.
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