Excalibur Crossbow Cocking Aid Kit Unassembled

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Rope Cocking Aid Our Rope Cocking Aid will allow you to comfortably load and unload any Excalibur crossbow by reducing the felt draw weight by 50% and also will guarantee perfect string alignment for optimum accuracy. It uses comfortable “T” handles.
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Brand: Excalibur

Using Your Rope Cocking Aid:

1. Take the two hooks, one between each thumb and forefinger and faccing away from you, and spread them apart until they contact the handles and the handles are in the palm of each hand.

2. With your foot firmly in the the crossbow's stirrup, bend down and attach one hook onto the string tightly aligned to the stock and with the handle away from the stock.

3. With the rope between the hooks braced in the string groove behind the trigger unit, pull the other hook down until the rope becomes tight.

4. Continue pulling down on the unattached hook with one hand while you pull up on the crossbow's string with the opposite hand. This will allow you to attach the second hook onto the string against the stock.

5. Taking the two "T" handles into your hands, with the rope running between your fingers, stand up straight and bend your elbows to draw the crossbow string into cocked position.

6. Immediately upon cocking your crossbow and before removing the cocking aid, put the safety in the on position.

7. Put the rope cocker in your pocket and go hunting!

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