Lunkerhunt Big Eye Tail Spin Jig 3/8 oz

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A small package capable of delivering big bites, the Lunkerhunt Big Eye Tail Spin Jig features a compact mini-profile. It is perfect for harassing finicky and high pressured fish into attacking your lure. Large, holographic eyes combine with a thumping blade at the tail to help bass key in on the bite-sized jig even in stained and muddy water.
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Product Details
Brand: Lunkerhunt
Tags: Fishing Lure
Type: Jig Spinner
Length: 2.2" (5.59cm)
Weight: 3/8oz (10.63g)
Depth: Sinking
Technique: Jigging, Casting
Water: Freshwater
UPC: 628853901406

You’ll look just as shocked when you see everything this little guy has to offer! Glow-in-the-dark patterns, an enticingly bladed tail, sharp heavy-weighted short shank hooks, and a pair of thunderstruck wide eyes that bring everything together. The Lunkerhunt Big Eye Tail Spin has it all, making it an effective feature-heavy little lure that’s easy to target and excels in the water. Ideal for both vertical jigging or extra long casts to schooling fish, once you see it in action both you and the fish will be hooked.

  • Available in 1/4oz, 3/8oz and 1/2oz
  • Jigging tail spin
  • Premium bearing swivel
  • Sharp short shank hooks
  • Lots of flash and vibration on the lift and fall
  • Compact mini profile
  • Large eye attractor
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