Northland Reed-Runner Single Spin Spinner Bait 1/4oz

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The Northland Reed Runner Spinnerbait is virtually weedless and dynamite for fishing over, under, around and through heavy patches of weeds. Stainless twist-bend wire frame. True tracking deep-cup single spin blade.
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Product Details
Brand: Northland
Tags: Fishing Lure
Type: Spinner Bait
Weight: 1/4oz (7.09g)
Technique: Trolling, Casting
Water: Freshwater
UPC: 084948641716

• Virtually weedless, and deadly around weeds, reeds, rocks, brush and timber for large predator gamefish

Great for bass, pike and muskies. Catches fish spring through fall. Ideal for casting and trolling around lily pads, reeds, weeds, brush, timber and docks. Fish plain or tip with a plastic trailer like an IMPULSE® Swim’n Grub. Vary speed according to water temperature, weather conditions and mood of the fish. Choose Classic Tandem Spin for maximum flash and vibration.

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